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More speaking. More happy clients.

Speaking matters. The ability to communicate in English is an essential life skill. And the one that most students prioritise learning. With Talkman your school gets closer to your clients’ real needs: to practise, and improve, their speaking like never before.

Make your mark on the market.

Talkman is an app like no other. It’s setting a new standard in English speaking courses. So, it’s sure to make your school stand out from the competition. See your students speaking flourish. And watch your school become the benchmark.

Rethink the model. Go mobile.

Talkman is a state-of-the-art app. It can reinvent and rejuvenate how you run your school. No hassle with bulk book orders. No money tied up in unsold textbooks. No storage or inventory headaches. Content updates and new editions instantly available at a tap.

No licence fees. Full licence benefits.

The Talkman free licence agreement is a school manager’s dream. There are no hidden licence costs. Simply pay for the materials and services your school requires. With our free 14-day trial, your teachers and clients can start using the app with no strings attached. If they like it, then you buy it. Enjoy discounts for bulk orders. Gain access to Talkman promotional materials.

One App. Limitless possibilities.

A single app provides instant access to unlimited resources for speaking courses for levels A1 to C1. Distribute course materials, to a single student or 1000s of clients, in seconds rather than weeks. New editions? Absolutely. They can be made instantly available to all users. And at no extra cost. Tailor-made courses? No problem! If you can dream it, we can design it.

Unique product. Unlimited marketing potential.

Talkman combines a cutting-edge app with a dynamic speaking course. ith these USPs, just think about the exciting, new marketing offers you could come up with. For example, invite your potential clients to enroll in long-term courses with a free mobile device. Your app. Your school. Your call.

The ultimate teaching solution.

The Talkman app combines course books, a dictionary, traditional CDs, videos and grammar resources all in one. Available in both teacher’s and student’s versions. Lessons are easy to teach. Courses are easy to manage. Students’ progress is easy to monitor. So, all the traditional school management headaches are sorted. At a tap.

Is Talkman right for your school?

Talkman can be used as a separate course or as a speaking supplement to your current syllabus. It’s fully compatible with CEFR levels so it’s easy to make the change. What’s more, Talkman progress tests are consistent with major exam formats such as the Cambridge KET, PET and FCE, IELTS, TCL and TOEIC exams.

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