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An app you can’t live without.

Talkman is the culmination of years of real teaching experience all over the world. It’s made for teachers, by teachers. So, it’s intuitive, easy-to-use and packed with functional materials which make teaching a breeze!

A fresh approach to teaching English.

Talkman is changing the way people teach speaking. It’s made to challenge, engage and inspire students. If you love teaching, you’ll love Talkman. Because you know that speaking matters.

The key to successful lessons.

Your students gain practical speaking skills more effectively than ever before. They get the confidence to communicate in the real world. 100s of teachers and 1000s of students already love it.

Designed for maximum success, with minimum stress.

The state-of-the-art Talkman app is a game-changer. Forget endless hours of lesson planning! Everything you need for fun, successful lessons is pre-prepared. Anytime. Anywhere. All at a tap.

Unlimited resources. Limitless possibilities.

Get over 500 hours of teaching materials for your speaking-intensive lessons. Use it as an independent speaking course or as a supplement to your existing curriculum. Whether you’re an experienced or new teacher, Talkman can work for you. The sky’s the limit!

Talkman and You. A powerful combination.

This cutting-edge teaching tool lets you unlock a new way of teaching speaking. With over 400 practical skills, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation practice in one, You will see the difference in your students’ progress from day one.

The ultimate learning solution.

 Talkman combines a teacher’s book, a workbook, a dictionary, traditional CDs, videos and grammar resources all in one. From A1 to C1. With the app, you have everything you need, everywhere you go. And it works offline. So, you have it everywhere you go.

What do other teachers say?
  • “Talkman is an awesome tool for any teacher! The Talkman app cuts out the stress and reduces planning time significantly. With the support Talkman gives you, even the least experienced teachers gain classroom confidence from day one”

    Laura G., senior ESL teacher, Kendal, UK
  • “As a complete beginner to teaching, Talkman was an absolute life-saver! It has really useful tips on how to teach new vocabulary and grammar, has a section for teaching notes, and provides a clear structure for the lesson to follow. Everything you need for a lesson is on the app; there’s no need for paperwork and extra notes that could disrupt the flow of the lesson!”

    Lucy G., ESL teacher, Durham, UK
  • “Having all the resources on one device means a far lighter bag and much easier changeovers between lessons. In moving to the next class the complications often brought on by organizing resources, and taking class size, age and ability into account do not exist. (…) The method itself promotes much more confident use of English. It forces the students to think, and use English in a much more involved and natural way that gives much better preparation for using English in the real world. (…) TM is very user friendly for both teachers and students. The interactive features make it a much more useful revision resource for the students.”

    Mark S., ESL teacher, York, UK
  • ”Working with Talkman keeps lessons fast paced, fun and engaging for both students and teachers. Students learn really quickly and it’s rewarding to see how much people progress in such a short time, even if they don’t realize it.”

    Elisabeth S., ESL teacher, Cardiff, UK
  • “Talkman gives you the perfect balance of little preparation and freedom to have your own teaching style. Because it’s focused on speaking, it’s a fantastic way to build up rapport: getting to know students feels effortless.”

    Marleen S., senior ESL teacher, London, UK
  • “I loved using Talkman. I had no experience and I was really nervous about teaching and prepping but the method and the app made it really easy to become comfortable in the classroom quickly. Talkman made it really fun and easy to interact with students and it was hard to have a dull lesson with it. LOVE IT.”

    Nicolle M., ESL teacher, Los Angeles, USA
  • “With not being the most technical of people, I found the prospect of teaching with the application, Talkman, a little daunting to begin with. I worried about the iPad potentially switching off or losing my page during the lesson, but actually once I started using it I found it much more convenient, straight- forward and enjoyable than teaching from books.”

    Emma H., ESL teacher, Scarborough, UK
  • “With Talkman everything is presented in a logical order with tips for teachers on how to teach new vocab and structures, so you can be confident about your lesson content. (…) I love the variety of visuals in Talkman, grouped according to the lexical field. A picture really is worth a thousand words in the classroom! ”

    Sarah L., senior ESL teacher, Nottingham,UK
  • “Talkman has helped me keep everything organised and in one place. Much easier than carrying around lots of books and CDs etc. It is easy to use and navigate. Each level is laid out very well which cuts down on prep time and allows the teacher to work efficiently and effectively. “

    Aoife T., ESL teacher, Galway, Ireland
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