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Freedom to talk

Talkman is an app, but it’s not like other apps. It’s a full language learning course mapped to the CEFR. It’s packed with all the vocabulary, grammar, idioms, and functions that you’d expect to find in a regular coursebook, except it’s not like other books. It’s a unique appbook that has 90 easy-to-follow units, 10,000+ practice questions, 450+ practice activities and of course, smart digital features to take your speaking to the next level.

For Students

What do international business meetings, study exchange programs and holidays abroad all have in common? That’s right, in all these situations, you’ll probably need to speak, and understand, English. Being able to communicate in the global language is your door to the world. With Talkman you’ll have the key to open it.

For Teachers

With Talkman, we want to make your day more pleasant, and your job less stressful. It can help you to cut down on lesson planning in the evening and last-minute photocopying before your lessons because it’s all already there. Just open the app and find everything you need to teach fun, speaking-intensive lessons to any age or level. So, download Talkman to reclaim your breaks and enjoy a cup of tea – on us!

For Schools

Picture it. Your students are satisfied because they get to speak for 100% of the lesson. Your teachers are delighted because they’re delivering great lessons for a fraction of the preparation time, and management is pleased because no one’s complaining. That’s the magic of Talkman – it makes everyone happy. And that’s bound to be good for business.

Learn with us

If you want to open your mind, open the app.

User-friendly app

Talkman gives you a great user experience, whether you’re online or offline. This means you can maximise your self-study time at any time.

Intuitive interface

Talkman’s clean interface is easy to navigate. If you can swipe and you can tap, then you can improve your speaking … and fast!

Clever Features

Talkman was designed with one goal:  to get you to speak and hear English as much as possible. And the result? Put simply, it works.

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